Build Your Home With Industrial Hemp

Upcoming classes in the Fall 2014

Overall goals of this educational series are to showcase healthy and sustainable building practices for both the building and builders. Network and establish relationships in the bio sustainable building industry and illustrate the balance and harmony between humans the earth and our dwellings.  Upon completion of these workshops, participants will have the knowledge to build their own homes out of timber and industrial hemp.  Overall education of industrial hemp and its many applications will be discussed during the weekend.

Class Dates:

Building with Hemp (2 day class) March 7 & 8th, 2015

Berthoud, Colorado

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Class Descriptions:

Building with Hemp

All about Hemp! Learn about what makes industrial hemp one of the best, natural and sustainable building products we have found. Discuss the thousands of applications for industrial hemp.  Learn how to get into the hemp industry through available internships, employment and volunteer opportunities.

Day 1– “Health and Hemp”

Discover hemp building materials, basic tools, workplace organization and safety. Learn how to prepare the hemp walls for plumbing, electrical, doors, windows and shuttering. Participants will learn proper mixing techniques, pouring and tamping for multiple applications.

Day 2 – “On a Roll Now”

We will start our day by putting our skills to good use to speed up the process, working as a team and completing the project. Participants will learn the mixes for interior and exterior walls, curing and applications. Discussions will be facilitated on how participants will apply their new skills, how to purchase Industrial Hemp and resources for being an industrial hemp advocate.

                       (Lunches and Saturday Dinner Party included)         Total Cost $245