Build Your Home With Industrial Hemp

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                  Pictures from the first hemp building course in September 2014


John Patterson  has been working on a “whole home ” structure focused on: 1) Sustainable building practices and materials 2) Health of the home owners and builders 3) Environmental footprint 4) Usage of indigenous and locally sourced materials. We can provide the land owner with a toxic / chemical free, low maintenance, energy efficient home.  Projects will highlight the building features of Industrial Hemp by using hemp and lime construction in the walls, floors and ceilings. The company’s founder is excited about the materials building properties and eco-friendliness.

Some of the outcomes  hopes to achieve will be:

1) Combining functionality of building materials with equipment. (Project expects to use low impact tools in order to preserve the integrity of the builders and the environment of the remote mountain setting.)
2) Develop durable, easy to clean interior / exterior surfaces
3) Improve interior acoustic properties and sound control
4) Add fire resistance to the structure.
5) Add mold, mildew and pest resistance to the home.
6) Provide healthier, less toxic indoor air environment.
7) Improve dimensional stability
8) Reduce total weight of home and its components.
9) Dramatically reduce homes energy consumption before, during and after construction.
10) Reduce the amount of on- site labor (subcontracting)
11) Improve on and reduce the amounts of fasteners, and connectors.
12) Minimize the effects of weather both day to day and catastrophic.
13) Maximize eco effectiveness
14) Reduce or eliminate toxic components for better quality natural products.
15) Reduce the amount of embodied costs
16) Reduce overall construction time
17) Improve material handling and installation. (building can be done by all people male and female)
18) Increase construction process efficacy.
19) Model community collaborations and restorative community /social enhancement.
20) Have the most fun and feeling good about rebuilding in our community.

Enrollment  information for classes may be found on this website when available. Classes will include: 1) Timber Framing 2) On sight tool building. 3) Industrial Hemp building techniques. 4) Lime and plaster techniques 5) Environmental and energy consumption awareness. The company feels that projects will bring awareness to sustainable and renewable lifestyle alternatives. Ultimately, the NoCo compan  hopes to show that sustainable industrial materials such as industrial hemp will usher in a revolution of healthy and sustainable construction materials, economic conditions and community inclusiveness. 

The Company believes by providing this experience it will lead to the development of a unified work force, a market for Industrial Hemp and other eco-friendly products resulting in healthy economic growth.

John Patterson – Expert craftsman, Industrial hemp and eco-design and building specialist.

Further information about CIHS, its founder, this project and other ways to get involved with Industrial hemp and its environmental movement please contact John Patterson at 970-231-09threethree or visit their web site: